European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists

15 MAY 2009

Information on the e-MobiLArt exhibition at Thessaloniki, Greece is now online


Information on the Vienna workshop is now online
30 NOVEMBER 2008

The e-MobiLArt collaboration platform is online
21 JULY 2008
  • Information on the workshop in Rovaniemi has been added
  • The list of participants has been moved to "Project Information"
14 JUNE 2008

The e-MobiLArt Forum is now online
3 JUNE 2008

The example MAX Patch file from the first day of the technical session is now available. The same file is also available with comments included (many thanks to Lucy H G).
28 MAY 2008
Accommodation information has been added
  • The list of participants has been updated
  • The workshop programme has been updated
23 MAY 2008
Information on Athens Metro is now available in the Athens Workshop section
  • The list of registered participants has been updated
  • The participants' CVs are now available
  • The workshop programme has been updated
17 MAY 2008

The workshop programme, a list of presently confirmed participants, and information about the workshop venue are available here.
4 MAY 2008

The selection process for the participants of the e-MobiLArt project has been concluded. We have received a large number of high quality applications for participation in the project. The e-MobiLArt team would like to thank very much all applicants for their submissions which were accompanied by very interesting samples of artistic works.

All applications have been thoroughly examined and evaluated by all 7 members of an international selection committee.

The evaluation process took into account the CVs, portfolios and samples of work that all applicants submitted and resulted in a final list of 40 participants. This final list of participants will be published as soon as the registration process is completed.

Two scholarships of 1700 Euros each, provided by the e-MobiLArt project, have been awarded to the following two participants who had requested a scholarship and ranked higher in the final list of participants:
  • Saoirse Higgins
  • Lucy Hg